By spannarama


Still backblipping - might get caught up tomorrow....

What a lovely relaxed work day compared to the rest of the week, and the past few weeks.  I still did loads, and still have lots to do, but had no meetings, and finally felt like I was starting to get on top of things.

Broke off from work around 4pm and walked up to the pond with Tim (his first time outside in ages, as he's still been feeling unwell) - and saw lots of tiny little ducklings!  They must be very, very new, as there was no sign of them yesterday.  They were so cute  - and quick, darting about all over the place, but I managed to get a few sharp shots.

One year today since we implemented our new CRM system at work.  I sent a message to my colleague Jack this evening to wish him a happy CRM-iversary, and he responded by sending me a ridiculously generous gift (an Amazon gift card for a huge amount), to thank me for my work over the past year.  I honestly was not fishing for any sort of praise or reward, I was just congratulating/commiserating on our mutual survival of the past year!  Gave him a call this evening to thank him (after he'd made it very clear I could only accept the gift).

Friday night :)  Watched the penultimate episode of Years and Years with Tim.  It's so good!

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