Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Bad Neighbor

(Third and final back blip posted today)

Bad, bad, bad...
The absolute nerve of her bringing me one of my favorite desserts! Caramel bread pudding. I thought to take the picture just before I dug into it.

Day three of the side effects of my overestimated super powers. I’ve been trying to not sit for too long at once and have been doing a little gentle stretching. It seems to help for a while. I have come to realize that I should ice after the stretching. I have also discovered that ceiling fans are not my friend at the moment.

I had an argument with my therapist, literally turning off our session. It’s kind of complicated but in short, I feel I should be able to say that I am frustrated that our sessions rarely begin on time but end exactly on the hour without being told how much more busy she is than me. That’s simplifying the situation but more or less the crux of it.
She’s been my therapist for 15 years. Maybe we’re too familiar with each other. I’m not sure what to do. It’s not as easy as just switching therapists. Maybe I’ll cut back on the number of sessions.
Sorry, thinking out loud - or should I say with my index finger? Not really expecting anyone to figure out what’s going on in my brain.

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