Beautiful Talleyrand Park in April

Earlier in the week, we had decided that Saturday would be our Bellefonte visit day. We were hoping to get a chef salad at Jim's, and my husband was fresh out of books, and wanted to go to the library. We decided he would drop me off at Talleyrand Park, go to the library, stop at Jim's, and then come back and pick me up. So it was that I had 45 minutes to myself at Talleyrand Park with my camera.

Let me tell you this first: If you are in central Pennsylvania, you should visit Bellefonte sometime. It has places to eat, it has things to see, it has a lovely Victorian feel. And April in Talleyrand is just one of the things in life you should NOT miss!

When we got to Bellefonte around lunchtime, the traffic was terrible, and there were cops all over the place. I don't know if this is normal for a typical Saturday, or if there was something special going on. So my husband, sitting in traffic, dumped me out along the street, and off I went, with my camera and a great big smile.

You'll be happy to hear that I arrived JUST in time for the wedding! What wedding? Who knows what wedding, but there they were: a preacher, and a bride and groom exchanging vows under the pretty little gazebo at Talleyrand. I snapped a few photos myself, then hooted and hollered with the best of them, when they introduced the newly wedded pair. Such special magic, dear ones: may your new life together be filled with love and happiness!

And then I wandered around and took as many photos as I could of the beauties that I found there. Above is a picture of the bridge. A girl is walking across and birds are flying overhead. And all of those green trees are wearing that awesomely unreal shade of baby-yellow-green - just wow - and the reflections are really something to see.

In the extras are two more shots, one of the water and the trees, and another showing the railroad tracks, a partial train, and the old Match Factory buildings in the distance. For the railroad runs through Bellefonte, and my husband and I actually took what would turn out to be an ill-fated fall foliage excursion from there one time.

There are fences to keep you off the railroad tracks, but of course, I stepped out - just for a minute - to take pictures of the rails in each direction, standing by the bridge that goes to the Match Factory. Shortly after that, I spotted a uniformed cop looking serious and crabby, and increasing his pace behind me. To lecture me about not standing on the tracks? I did what any normal person would - unwilling to be lectured, I increased my pace, outwalked him, and tucked myself in behind a big bush until I couldn't see him anymore. Ha ha! ESCAPE!

So, feeling more or less like a fugitive from the law, I finished up my photo jaunt, snapped a few more pictures of the trees, water, buildings, and rails, and hopped in the car with my husband when he arrived. Another successful visit to Talleyrand in springtime! Yay!

The only song that will do for this posting of some of the most gorgeous spring things I have seen yet this year is this one: Louis Armstrong, with What a Wonderful World.

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