Zig-zag Shadows

Shadows are magic! They have always fascinated me. So here are the zig-zag shadows of some dead straight handrails.
The picture is taken on a late afternoon walk. In the day we gardened and then I came in to get fill in the tax stuff and send it in. Mine is very easy, basically checking their figures and ticking the online box to say it is correct. Jan's is a little more tricky but she is very organized with her figures in good order so it only takes a couple of hours to find the numbers and fill them in.
Having got that done we decided to drive out over the High Coast Bridge and take one of our favourite short walks above the hotel.  These steps are at the start of the walk, Jan's blip is taken at the viewpoint we walk to.
On the way home we stopped to watch the cranes in the fields near home.  We've never seen so many gathered , but I won't go on because I wrote about this yesterday, and don't want to get boring.

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