The Day Before...(the Opening).

Thanks to all who viewed and commented on the extreme close-up of the kitchen spoon - but as I said a new Blip might get put up - and this is more topical (& I can re-shoot the spoon any time). It can now be seen here

Have been asked to photograph the opening of a key exhibition tomorow lunchtime - it's like a national collection, but for Salisbury, so key local artists from all periods that are now in public hands.

This is a grab shot taken with the new Nikkor 10-24mm, at its widest, whilst I popped in to see the curator/organiser for a quick 'gen'. only a few minutes ago. I rather liked the disarray and the angles and shapes. In 28 hours it (should) be neat and tidy and teeming with guests, from Lord Benson, who's the patron and about 50 selected individuals by invite. And little me, snapping it all.

Image has been distortion corrected in CS but not sharpened. I might have upped the reds in the red carpet a tad too much, as you can see it has affected the ceiling, slightly. That awful green carpet will cast its ugly colour cast on every pic I take tomorrow - I know, I've done this sort of thing here about 12-15 times, so far.

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