Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos


I bought a couple of patterned class tea light holders from the Markets many years ago.  I was told they came from Germany.  This is one of them.  They are about grapefruit size.  I am not sure if you can see it clearly but this one has penguins on it.  I think they are supposed to be Emperor penguins but they are very stylistic.  I have put the colour version up as it is really a pretty thing in colour.  This is my entry for MM and the topic luminous.

The second extra is a visitor I had in the backyard this evening, a tawny frogmouth.  Not the least bit afraid of me. 

I have been tormented today by a plane circling.   It started circling (wide loops of this area, at around 12 midday.   I last heard it at 5 pm.  It was like an annoying mosquito and I was contemplating how long a laser light would take to arrive if I ordered one on line.  Don't worry I would never do that but gee it was a drone - boom tish!

The other thing of note today is that we can travel overseas.  Well aside from Tassie I mean.   We can now travel across the ditch to NZ.   It is big news here - our very own travel bubble with our lovely neighbours.  Yoo hoo.  Pity my passport has expired.  I am thinking of getting it renewed and maybe a trip later this year would be in order.  There has been news of thousands of passengers criss crossing the Tasman.  Bring it on...

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