By Yorkshirebred

Sunshine and butterflies

Couldn’t get motivated this morning and it was after 2pm before I got out for my walk. Very quiet in the estate, and saw my first butterflies this year.  This Peacock has a torn wing, but still very beautiful. The moorhens were both on the pond (extra) and when I walked past the tree where they had been nesting the nest looked to have collapsed.  Very sad to see, and I hope it was accidental.  On the way home I passed the cricket field and saw movement in the field above where horses are kept.  I then realised it wasn’t a horse I could see, but a deer (extra) - exciting for me as I think I’m the only one who hasn’t seen a deer in the village! Not the clearest shots in full 40 x zoom, but I had to record it to prove to myself that I really had seen it!

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