By dfb24

Bursting out...

I picked Mae up from school yesterday and brought her home with me. She was beside herself when she saw that I'd ordered her a little camera as a surprise. It came yesterday morning, so I'd charged it up and it was ready to go. She asked if we could go for a walk so she could take some pictures, so we bundled up and went on our way. I have to say that I haven't laughed that much in a really long time--we had so much fun. Mae picked up the little branch that I used for my blip today--something I wouldn't even have noticed laying on the ground--and asked what all the "green things" were. She had to kneel down to take a photo of a large ceramic frog one of the neighbors has outside, all the while explaining that she didn't really like frogs and wouldn't want to touch one but that she couldn't help noticing this one every time we walk. Then she stopped at another of the neighbors' houses because:  "I just LOVE the heart" and so it went. Half way through the walk she said: "Grandma, I just had the most amazing idea! You can put my pictures on the computer, then I'll pick one, and you can put me on blip so I can have my own! Isn't that great"?  That just cracked me up, & I told her that was a wonderful idea, but first she has to learn how to write more words. (I put a few photos of the budding photographer in the extras) When we got home, Pat (the guy re-doing the outside of our porch) was just finishing up for the day, so she wanted to see how it was looking. She took pictures of all three sides, and then said: "It's incredible"! Pat just started laughing, said he was glad she approved of his work and could he borrow her for a commercial?  Thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting TinyTuesdays this month, and hope you all have an enjoyable day. :)

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