By dfb24

A Little Snow...

...just to make life interesting. The sun was in and out of the clouds this morning, and as I was driving there were tiny ice balls hitting the windshield. Then it stopped, until about noon, when it got bit heavier. I was with the granddaughters while Jennie went to her appointment, & we were watching out the window. Mae said we should go outside and make a snowman but I told her there wasn't enough snow to make a snowman. She said there was if we made a little baby one........good point, but no. Noelia was all smiles and at one point actually stood right next to where I was sitting on the edge of the couch and put her arm on my leg.....progress!! LOL.  When Jennie got home, Mae asked if I could stay for 140 nights. I said Grandpa would be awfully lonely if I was gone for that long. She thought about that & said okay, how about 10...made me  laugh. I stopped on the way home to take this photo of the Seminary grounds lightly dusted with snow. :)

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