Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Fangorn Forest ...

... or maybe it' Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor.

I've been looking forward to meeting up with my photo buddy, John, for a while. We'd arranged to meet up this afternoon at Two Bridges for the walk to Wistman's Wood. What a shame nobody told us that the main road across the moor had been closed. It wasn't on the traffic reports on the local TV and John said he'd had the radio on all day and hadn't heard it reported. Ah well, it was an interesting route down the narrow lanes through Ponsworthy and Bellever to get around the closure. 

Late afternoon was a good time to choose. As we walked towards the wood people were walking back and we seemed to have the place to ourselves. It's hard work getting around among the trees and mossy boulders and it's hard work on the knees. After a while of wandering around we came out to have a cuppa and as we sat there the sun came out from the clouds and backlit the moss and lichen covered oak trees beautifully. I have 130 pictures to go through but the best are going to be in the lovely light of the second half.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon there and I'll look forward to another visit there, maybe on a misty morning in autumn. 

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