By Ingleman

Marital Arts

I was attacked once, and vowed I would never let it happen again. It was a youth with ginger hair. Turns out he was the Carroty Kid. I always warn people not to creep up on me, my reflexes are deadly. Woe betide anyone who tries to mug me in slow motion....
I have blipped recently regarding 'some issues' at home and a major problem has been my wife's difficulties with pain and mobility due to the incredibly debilitating effects of rheumatoid arthiritis. She has done so well to keep going but we are reaching the stage where I need to knuckle down and help out with daily tasks. I have always done hoovering and washing dishes etc but now need to do more such as preparing meals, cooking, laundry etc. My wife is a carer for elderly parents and my support will allow her the time to look after the oldies without worrying so much about the  drudge when she gets home. I am getting trained as a ninja, and apparently this will allow me to cook a meal more efficiently, more quickly and more cheaply than using the gas oven. It is an incredible device, and I actually enjoy using it. Very easy to clean as well, which helps.
I am also learning the art of self defense, especially if my attacker has a cold. I use my Kung Flu moves, but I hurt myself in training today, had to rest after suffering a potentially serious ninjury.

Have a happy Wednesday, stay safe, and hug a loved one. We all need each other.. 

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