By Bella888


In-between family tree’ing, we drove to Westbourne. Had a coffee, at last, in Cotea - months since we’ve been. Walked round the shops, and arcade about 3x for exercise.

Spotted this magnificent white poodle in the arcade. The owner went into a shop and we hung around until she came out, just had to say hello. “Purdy” is a descendant of a Cruft’s champion and knew it.

The lovely owner explained she’d been living in Dubai (Purdy too) and returned here recently after many years. The pic is me holding Purdy, I think she said it only weighed 2 kg, like holding a feather. Fussy eater, loves cocktail sausages - but only from Waitrose. Cutest little dog, you should see him walking. Hope that we meet again.

Didn’t feel like going home, so after feeding the goats, we then drove to Southbourne.
I went to the fruit shop and we walked up and down the High Street.

Now almost bedtime, just had another chat with Mr B’s yesterday-found half sister. Prior to that was on the phone with his Italian cousin to tell her the news.

Good Nite. Switching off. Busy day, and early start (for me) tomorrow

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