I Witness

By KangaZu

Surprise ...

... arrival.

This is the surprise happening that occured yesterday ... one of our overwintered Eastern Black Swallowtails eclosed (emerged) yesterday afternoon!  And boy it was definitely a surprise! But a beautiful one! He is a bit early in the season to have eclosed .... being a full month and a week earlier than our first one last year, which happened on May 28, 2020.

With us leaving for holiday this Saturday I've been hoping that none of these chrysalids would decide to eclose before we left.  But that was not to be.  We have put our house/pet sitter on notice to watch all the others .... we overwintered 13 in total.  And if another were to eclose then she is to release it.  I'm really hoping that doesn't happen as I love to watch the process and would be disappointed to miss it. 

We had to keep him overnight in the house (away from the cats) as there was a frost warning last night and we didn't want to release him into the cold.  He faired well in the house in his butterfly enclosure but was ready to take flight today.  He stayed on these flowers just long enough for us to get some photos and then he was off.  Now it's up to nature to take it's course ...

Backblipped: April 23, 2021 .... I've also backblipped the past two days starting with a Tiny Tuesday Blue Jay.

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