By WeeDragon


Went for a walk down to further away shop to look what garden things they had, not much but did like this wee beastie. Bus back, still haven't sorted my bus pass yet so need to get that done soon.

I may buy some more of these but at the moment I only have small marigold seedlings that fit in, but may be too big soon, maybe something like a viola or some other tiny flower will be better.

Got 2 climb frames for my nasturtiums, but will need to find someone that can deliver compost that don't charge the earth for delivery. It is cheaper to buy in bulk bag but a real hassle to shovel it thru the house, so not too big bags are better.

Also got a folding garden seat which says it's red but looks pink, ARGH! And a cushion as these seats are not that comfy but easy to in / out the garden.

Looking forward to gardening prog tonight to unwind.

Posted my postal vote last night.

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