By WeeDragon


Brother's anniversary of his death. Missing him loads even more with being isolated so much from everyone.

Didn't feel like going for a walk as the weekend, sunny & will be busy.

Went out to Scotmid bought myself some flowers, bottle of non alcoholic, red velvet & caramel cakes & 2 packs of violas & 1 pack of begonias. There weren't many plants left so glad went out early.

Card from the family & I didn't send this year ;-(

Have struggled with garden alot but maybe more motivation can a bit more dug over, overwhelmed with wild garlic which can't seem to get rid off.

Had moved this old climbing frame & cleaned it down, moved it to the bit I had dug over again last week.

Tibetian prayer flags hung from frame to give some colour.

Planted 8 of my nasturtiums seedlings that have enough height for a first tye off. Haven't grown nasturtiums for a few years, but there is a garden fence close to me that has a cracking display every year, so hope mine will be half as good. Put some seeds inbetween so there are some more coming on soon. Sunny spot.

Planted some of the marigold seedlings along the back of the fence.

Planted the 2 packs of violas around 2 sides of frame.

Given a good water but will need to again tonight as sun now on the plants.

Now chilling with John 'OO' Fleming blasting the speakers.

RIP CyclingViking 2012

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