Late Afternoon Walk

I can't even pretend to have had a busy day.  I spent most of the morning 'perfecting' an image for a competition next week which I consider to be amazing BUT the judge for evening might thin otherwise - and then there's the probability that someone else's image might be 'amazinger'!!!  I love it though so printed it out to put up somewhere.  I do love my printer - it is not often used but, when necessary, just does its job extremely well - no fuss - just prints.

Having had most of the day in a static position, I took Pepper out with a fisheye lens to use.  It is limiting and liberating in equal measure.  Knowing what it can do means the choice of images is defined.  I walked where I knew there would be trees with the sun in the background - I just love a starburst.

A longer walk than usual but good for me!

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