Tulip Tree Macro

I would not have created this image and many other similar ones had I not been in lockdown.  I have been trying to perfect the technique with macro of using features of the plant or others close by to blur parts of fore and background. I love the soft effect this gives when only one small part of the image is in focus.  

We have a tulip tree in the front border - I expect it has a proper name as well - with the blooms just coming out and they are spectacular.  The actual plant is ugly and, for the rest of the year, quite an eyesore; it has to go!  So from my blip you will have no idea what it does actually look like but it enabled me to get very creative with my approach to this genre. Later on I was at the back of the house using a similar technique with the wisteria just coming in to full flower - everything bursting out into  the sun. (extra)

Next Zoom Blipmeet will be Wednesday 13th May at 8 pm.  I'll send out an email to those who have expressed an interest.  The zoom link will be posted on my journal of Tuesday 12th but not until the morning of Wednesday 13th so you'll need to look out for that.  Clickychick had the idea that we all say how we got our blipname and how we got into Blip in the first place - so that should be interesting
Anyone interested - send me your email so I can send you details.

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