Snow beginning to reveal the backyard pitch

The end of the long winter often leaves a few surprises. We were half expecting to find the remains of Bombur, the feral cat we adopted a year or so ago, who stopped coming in the middle of the winter, and who has no doubt fallen foul of a "fisher" (whatever that is) or a coyote or a car. 

Fortunately, no sign of him, so no hurriedly invented lies to Ottawacker Jr. ("he's, erm, sleeping son, and, erm, he had to take his head off so he could rest properly...")... he wouldn't have fallen for that at 3, so I have no chance at eight. I might have all conversations with him at once: death; the birds and the bees; taxes; why Liverpool can't win every match; why mummy's cooking is terrible...

Do you think it is going to scar him?

The only detritus we had was a ton of rabbit poo. Hopefully it will fertilize the lawn.

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