By dogwithnobrain

I’m hoping that I never recover

This was my day.

I dragged everything out of Cosmo; swept the floor; sprayed sealant all over the outside, and then painted.

I painted the walls first; just to freshen them; daffodil white; then the floor with white enviromulsion or something similar

Both dried pretty quickly but while we waited for that. Blue box was emptied and moved from the patio to between the trees.

I repotted two sunflowers I have be growing on the window ledge and planted some more cornflowers; you can never have too many cornflowers.

Si then cleared the patio - to make way for some other gardening storage.

And then I washed all the windows of Cosmo; replaced all my nic-nacs and the. We sat down

This weekend has exhausted both of us .... what in the heck.

Supposed to be relaxing - see my extra for finished Cosmo

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