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Just look at that colour! This is part of one of our south facing front terraced beds, just beyond this is where we took out the berberis etc last month. It's so improved by that, much brighter and more open.
This little azalea is just bursting with bright red flowers, above it, is a purple heath, like a Heather but more shrub like in size, beyond that is a variegated holly, so much colour.
Last night, having hurt my back I took some heavy duty painkillers, apart from falling asleep during Line of Duty... I didn't think it was possible, I then slept for 9 hours, unheard of. It did mean that I wasn't fit to get up and take myself to church though, it took me ages to come to.
When I was up I headed out to the sunshine of the garden - if only there hadn't been a biting east wind, it would have been a perfect day. I went back to one of the first jobs I did in early lockdown last year, painting the fence. I'd left a bit, as it was covered in Clematis, today I finished it. I did feel pleased with myself.
I then set up the solar pump I'd bought for my frog pond to keep the water oxygenated. I've always had a wee pump in there but the last died last year and I hadn't got around to installing the new one. With yesterday's new arrivals it became rather more urgent. So far I'm very impressed although it took me a while to work out that the best way to keep the spray in the pond and thus avoid the pond emptying, was to use none of the supplied spray heads, that way I got a single, denser spray which was shorter and less dispersed. The extra shows the original spray, and a half emptied pond. I haven't put all the rocks back around the edge, so it looks a wee bit like the baby bath it is!
I spent another hour deading greenfly and had just settled down with my book when our new neighbour from two doors down came to introduce herself. I had popped in and introduced myself to her husband earlier in the week but didn't meet her as she was at work. They seem very friendly. Their first baby is due in three weeks.
More Line of Duty this evening, the start of series 5.

Keep safe and well everyone, here 's hoping we don't see a spike as a result of opening up a couple of weeks ago.

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