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By Sallymair

Melanic Two Spot

Quick sounds remarkably like Military Two Step to me. Even more strange is the fact that this two spot has four spots, it could have had six and still been a two spot - don't ask! but heh, that's life. Its small size and black legs distinguish it from the invasive Harlequin variety.
Today's weather promised much but failed to deliver. It was sunny but there was a bitterly cold wind keeping the temperatures down. I was in the garden squishing greenfly again when I came across a couple of ladybirds, glad they are enjoying the outdoor catering service we are providing, lol.
Not too be outdone by Hazelh, I went round and netted some tadpoles from our neighbour this morning, it will be good to have residents in our frog pond again, so fingers crossed they survive.
Katy and the girls came round after lunch and we went down to Ravelston Park. I made the schoolgirl error of bending down and helping the girls climb up onto our terrace wall today. I suffered for that error later, they are getting too heavy.
I made a batch of nutella chocolate chip cookies today, they went down well!
This evening we watched the last two episodes of series 4 of Line of Duty, only 2 more series to go, aargh. We are thoroughly enjoying it and making good use of our Amazon Firestick too.
Kerp safe and well everyone, I know we have more freedom but I'm not ready to launch out yet.

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