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Not quite sure what to title this one! I spotted these near the cycle track today, I can't believe I've never noticed them before. Plant net suggests they are a form of Spruce, but I'm happy to be corrected. The new cones are a really bright pinky red which the camera doesn't really show. I've heard that these are edible, any forager know? I'm sure they won't do me any harm but wondered about how to prepare them.
What a lovely day it was again today, 15° at 10.30 and there I was sitting out in the garden with my coffee. I need to get my act together and plant up some of the summer bedding and pots. I'm just a feardy though, I'm sure the frosts are just waiting for me to plant them out.
I went back out to Mortonhall today, absolutely mobbed! The queue for the coffee van had about 25 groups in it, not far enough apart most of them either. I checked out Lidl again for the plant supports but no luck. One member of staff did, very helpfully and with great enthusiasm, offer me a lawn mower though as apparently they had come in this morning! Similar I guess but a bit extravagant to use it as a plant support, so I declined, politely.
Blipper Hazelh also checked out her Lidl for me, thank you Hazel - but no luck. I'm pretty sure, and somebody else confirmed that the Suez delay may be responsible.
Tried not to laugh at Pickle today as she came tearing into the hall closely followed by Cleo and took a flying leap onto the china cabinet. Unfortunately only two of her legs made it, the other two, her right side, missed so she slid straight back off again in a very indelicate manner! I think I heard Cleo sniggering.
It's Friday again today so it's time for the Scottish National Galleries Art Quiz. I'll put the link in the first comment. Not boasting or anything, but I did get FULL MARKS, 10/10 today. Even more impressive was that I actually knew three out four of the answers rather than relying on logic, guess work and deduction!
Keep safe everybody. I was rather alarmed today after hearing repeatedly on the radio that things are back to normal from Monday because shops and pubs are open. I may be putting myself into a self imposed lockdown I think.
We got our blue envelopes today, our jags are both next week but not on the same day. That'll be a relief.

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