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By Sallymair

Red nose day?

Had a quiet day today, no church as I'm still coughing. I'm still testing clear though so I'll trust my doctor's diagnosis last week.
I had a bit of a duvet day and then sorted out a whole lot of stuff in the bedroom, I just don't know where it all comes from.
Popped down to Lidl this afternoon, yes I did come out of the duvet and get dressed first!.... and picked up a chicken for tea, who can resist roast chicken? It's almost as good as the next day's chicken breast sandwiches which are about the only thing I put salt on, apart from chips of course. I did notice while there the shortage of cooking oil, fortunately I have a bottle in hand as I accidentally bought two last week. I do refuse to accept personal responsibility for the shortage though.
Facetiousness aside though, it's hard to think that that same, slightly inconvenient, shortage is because the country and the people who live where much of it would come from, are at the mercy of an insane and inhuman megalomaniac. It does make you pause for a moment, to pray for those involved and give thanks that it is not me and those whom I love.

Due to lack of other subjects, today's blip features my pudding. Whatever did we do before ready made meringue nests?
Looking forward to a rather more exciting, or at least slightly more active, day tomorrow, lol.

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