By seizetheday


Another lovely blue-sky day. The plan was to finish sanding the woodwork in the hall. MrM had muttered something about fitting the last two door handles. 
Instead, he disappeared in to the workshop for the day. Amongst other things I tackled a couple of (necessary) chores, made a huge pan of French Farmers' soup (think herby, garlicky flageolet beans with lots of veg), had a nice long chat on the phone with Lucy, caught up with Jacqui on the phone, and exercised on the bike. All much more enjoyable - even the chores - than sanding woodwork. Then I felt guilty because the work on the hall has ground to a halt.
Totally fed up with this renovation lark - there are so many more things I'd rather be doing...

Lacking inspiration, it's an emergency Blip!

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