curns' corner

By curns

Bird in a tree

Supermarket shopping again this morning. Home to sit in the back garden with coffee. PY made delicious avocado and bacon bagels for breakfast after which I returned to the garden while he was watching some movie on television. A bit of a longer trek to find a lightbulb for a lamp. Later we decided the temperature had fallen as the sun went went behind the house so we decamped to the front and sat on the camping chairs watching the world go by - and in my case listening to podcasts. At some point I was asked if I wanted a beer or a glass of wine, I chose the latter and ended up watching the day fade and the birds start feeding in the tree with a white wine in hand. The lightbulb works but, after a few minutes, starts flickering. I am no longer sure if it’s the lamp or the bulb that’s at fault. A job to fix next week.

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