Euclidium Space Continuum

By Mobius


Within the forest, coloured trees
Shed their magic autumn leaves-
All around a pretty sight
Chromatic scale of pink delight…

Flush of beauty everywhere,
Covers earth that once was bare-
Shades of pink seduce my eyes
As I behold in sweet surprise…

A lake filled with reflections clear-
A sense of pure enchantment here-
I lay upon this tinted ground-
The air so still, without a sound…

I dream, though I would seem awake,
While of this beauty I partake-
Meditating quietly,
Eyes soaking in this majesty…

Reflections on my quiet mind,
Leaving tensions all behind-
My soul is taken on a ride,
As I am blessed by this pink tide…

A painted moment in a dream,
Thoughts float by on endless stream-
Oh, such joy within my heart!
I’m mesmerized by nature's art…

The Enchanted Pink Forest 


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