Velvety Blooms

More tulips which seem to be my flower of the season. They have so much photographic potential in all stages of their lives and are delightful to have around.  More close-ups with the Velvet 56 which is becoming my lens of the month!  Not mono for me today I'm afraid - they do need colour.

A few things off my 'to do' list although a few more added on as well.  I hardly dare believe that my long awaited black-out blind might actually be arriving in the next day or so.  It's had a rough journey through from initial order to damage in transit to being remade and endless delays along the way - I am not yet counting my chickens! 

An interesting evening ahead judging the Battle of the Best for a relatively local club.  All images have scored 20s in past competitions so I have the challenge of separating them out and ending up with an overall winner.

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