By Shutterup


Today my hellebore decided to lift all its heads and say hello.. up until today they have all hung downwards.. it is looking the best it has ever looked this clump.. wonderful!
I was told last year that my car had water ingress in the boot.. and I didn't pay attention until I had trouble opening the boot lid the other day and when I did the smell of mould was horrific.. I emptied three inches of water out of the spare wheel cavity under the floor.. having scrubbed down the carpet which was mouldy and lubricated the hinges on the boot lid and thrown away various bits and pieces that had disintegrated in the damp I dried it all out.. the left side remained damp but I opened the boot each day to air it and now it is fine.  April has been dry but I decided to get the garage to take a look ...£99 to look.  Dropped it off and they rang to say.. its dry.. I had told them that.. would i like them to do more work and remove bumper and boot box and see if they can spot where water might be ingressing.. luckily I asked how long it would take and the cost.. a mere £549.. and they could not guarantee that was where the leak was or may not identify the cause.. seriously??? 
The car is 8 years old.. diesel.. made by VW ... basically since the fiasco with their cars about 5 years ago the vehicle hasn't been worth anything ... how can they charge these prices on top of stripping me of any value to the car. I refused the work.. they also ran a check on tyres brakes and bits and said I needed to change two front tyres as they are perishing due to lack of use.. the brake discs are rusting and need replacing.. due to lack of use and the cambelt needs replacing.. apparently they used to say 86k miles or 8 years.. and have changed that to an advisory at 5 years.. mine has not reached that mileage but is 8 now. . so before the MOT and service in Aug/Sept i will have to decide what the next move is.. the cambelt will cost another £549 or something daft.. it is the beginning of expenses .. decisions decisions.. I know my next move would be to a hybrid pet/elec has anyone got good suggestions what cars to look at?

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