By Shutterup

Dandelion time of year

I am always amazed at how early weeds flower and seed.. especially dandelions!!  They are such beautiful seedheads it is just a shame they are so prolific and so unwelcome in the garden!!

Today started with  a visit to an NGS open garden with a friend. It was a bit early to be out visiting gardens really.. not a lot on show but they did have a fantastic amount of plants to buy so we came home with a few beauties. I was delighted to get a couple of Salvia Amistad which I have been trying to get hold of for ages (without paying a fortune for them ) and also a rather lovely geranium called Orange Fizz.. scented leaves.. lovely. 
I then came home and we prepared a late lunch on the barbecue for my sister in law and husband. Whole roasted (beer can) chicken We ate it out in the sunshine.  It was very cool out of the sun and rather windy later in the day but definitely shirtsleeve weather until about 6.  Wonderful to have a good catch up with them.. news of two more grand children coming their way this summer.. how exciting!!

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