By dfb24


Thanks to random_angel for hosting MonoMondays this month and for the great themes. I apologize that I'm still comment-less but I've just been very busy. I got a call from my daughter this morning as we were on our way to the lab for Tom's blood draw. She had to go pick Mae up from school because the school called and said Mae was sick. But when she got to the school, it appears that Mae sneezed...once...so they sent her to the office. When the office person asked her if she was feeling sick, Mae replied that her stomach hurt (which she later said was because she ate her breakfast way too fast) so they made her lie down, which lasted all of a couple of minutes before Mae got up and said she was fine. But they told her she had to go home because she could have covid and she can't return to school without a neg. covid test. I realize they have to be careful but it seems common sense has gone out the window. So Jennie had to call the urgent care to see if they'd do the test there and luckily they got her in at 2:00, so I went over to stay with Noelia. The Nurse Practitioner, after examining Mae, said there's no way she has covid, but they did the test. Won't get results for 14-16 hours, so Jennie has to take her to work with her tomorrow. Then I had to hurry back home because Tom's doctor was calling between 3:15 & 3:30 & I didn't want to miss it, as Tom can never remember afterward what the dr. said.  :)

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