By dfb24


...on a small tree--what KIND of tree I don't know--along our street.  I went out about 7:30 this morning specifically to take a photo of the tree, as it's all I could come up with for TT before I had to leave for my daughters' apartment. (I know the theme was supposed to be a party with a focus on 60; no party, but at least there are 60 Plus buds). My daughter called me last night to say that the office manager said they prefer children not be brought to work, so she asked if I'd come stay with Mae today--I would--& as long as I was coming to watch Mae, Noelia didn't go to day care and stayed with us as well. Mae had online classes and Noelia just played by herself until she got tired, at which time I put her down for a nap. She has to be the most easy going little girl ever! When I got home at 3:00, Tom said the physical therapist had come, that he'd done all the exercises without any need for the oxygen, & that he was feeling much better. So I jokingly said he was probably feeling so good because I was gone all day. Tom said: "That's EXACTLY what I was thinking"!  It made me laugh, but mostly I was relieved, because if he's joking, he's finally feeling better.   :)   

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