By dogwithnobrain

It's the simple things in life, like where and whe

As it normally goes, I woke at 5.00 am for a pee. 

I didn't have a clock by my bedside and the phone was downstairs.  

I was confused as to what time it was the light was weird. 

I didn't want to wander round the other side of the bed to look at himself's clock cause I would probably have been tempted to poke him while I was there :-D  So I bimbled downstairs to the kitchen, and this is what I saw. 

This is untouched.  

That was the colour of the sky at 5.10 am this morning.  

I stood just amazed.  And grabbed a quick shot. 

I didn't go outside - wildlife camera was on and me, stark naked at 5 am in the morning is NOT what anyone wants to see. 

But I looked at it, and then I bimbled up the stairs and went back into the best sleep ever.  So good, that himself switched off the alarm and went and showered before I even came too. 

It is indeedy, the simple things in life. 

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