Life through the lens...

By ValC

Bluebells, blossom and BPWs.

Enjoyed meeting up with the Bus Pass Walkers this morning. ( as usual without bus)
First time we have seen them since last December. So nice to catch up with everyone.
Although the weather was dull, it didn’t rain.
We also had an early birthday celebration for B. His 70th is in a few days.
The collage shows a few photos taken while on the walk round Bingley, St Ives.
The bluebells are just beginning to flower, but we noticed the flowers this year are quite tiny.
Don’t think there will be the wonderful show there was last year. Maybe because of the cold and frosty weather.

Later this afternoon it started raining, and hasn’t stopped.
Don’t think I have been so pleased to see rain.
Hopefully enough to do the garden good.
It should also help the farmers, and maybe help to put out the terrible fires on Marsden Moor.

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