By LesTension


This Ground Hornbill (Bucorvus leadbeteri), clearly named after someone named Leadbetter,  lives at the Zoo in Milwaukee. These birds are native to the south of Africa and are in decline, ostensibly because of habitat loss. They are big birds and average 8+ pounds in weight (3.6-4.0kg)

This one has an enormous grub of some kind in its beak. Very proud of it, he is. He marched around the enclosure showing it to every onlooker. He'd drop it occasionally to pick up something else of interest but he'd always go back to the grub. 

I didn't see him eat it but they will prey in such things and also small vertebrates, both reptilian and  mammalian. He's also a Trader of the First degree. If there's trash in the enclosure, he's been trained to pick it up, take it to the main door and peck at the door. Eventually the keeper will open it, the bird with pick up the trash and hand it to him and the keeper will provide a mouse for it to consume. I have seen this behavior many times...and the keeper really seems to enjoy it as much as the bird enjoys the mousey snack.

Best seen in Large if you want to see the grub clearly.

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