By Arachne

Windows of opportunity

(What a vile cliché that is.)
Yesterday I hung the washing out to dry hoping it would encourage the rain. It didn't. So I was cleverer today. After going out to buy some superglue - with a detour via this building site where some timber frames were being craned over the roof - I re-glued the broken cooker knob (well, it's a camping-gas stove, actually, which is what I'm cooking on in the very long interim until my own timber frames get craned over my roof) back onto the stove the wrong way round. In the millisecond it took me to realise what I'd done the glue had set. It works but it looks stupid. 

But whatever happens, I win. Either it stays fixed or it breaks again and I can re-do it the right way round. Checkmate, fate.

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