By Arachne

Weather cock up

Fate was not happy with my win yesterday and fought back today. 

After ensuring that the forecast expected it to be dry all day, I did the second coat of oil on the garden furniture. The moment I'd finished Fate spat raindrops. I rushed everything under cover and hadn't even finished wiping off the drops before the sun came out and that was the end of rain for the day. 

So over the last three days it's 2-1 to Fate.

My walk this afternoon was holding an armful of leaflets round South Oxford streets with a friend who's standing as an independent candidate in next week's local elections. I doubt she'll overcome the party machine but she's extremely active in the community so she just might.

I went out for a walk again this evening. Every pub garden was full of animated young people in woolly hats and fleeces.

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