A day in the life

By Shelling

Nature reserves

Another sunny but chilly day. Rehearsing in the morning, for the first time I made an attempt to run through all the songs by heart. Not at all perfect but good enough for where I am in time. Eva and me is doing a runthrough tomorrow morning and a bit of planning.

After lunch I wanted to see something different so I took the car to get me to  "Nunnedalen" 'Nun valley' or maybe 'The valley of the nuns', it's not clear if they are plural or not. The name may have to do with the plant "Coryodalis solida" that grows here in great numbers this time of year. The place isn't really a valley either, it's a narrow forest area growing along the slope of the 'Landborg', the edge between the limestone plain called "Alvaret" and the old seabottom. Here you find the highest point of the island, 57 metres. The extra shows some of the view. Because of the vast number of plant and bird-species along the five km long forest paths called "Paradise path", it's very well visited during April and May.

After that pleasant walk I felt I needed some more and went to another nature reserve where a very special plant flowers during a few weeks in April, the "Arontorps ros", or Adonis vernalis that you see in the main. It only grows on Öland and Gotland in Sweden, otherwise you'll have to go to the steppes of southern Europe to see it. It's a privilege to have it next door.

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