Capenhurst Villa 0 Mossley Hill Athletic 2

Another trip into the West Cheshire League for an evening game between Capenhurst Villa and Mossley Hill Athletic. It was an entertaining game with the visitors winning 2-0 but I was glad when it ended because I was beginning to get very cold. The blip shows a Mossley player falling to the ground to win an early penalty, I like the fact that you can see him smiling as he goes down. The penalty was missed and immediately Capenhurst went down the other end, won their own penalty which was also missed. 

The extra just shows a view of the ground with a small rickety stand.

Lands End to John O'Groats 1000 Mile Virtual Challenge Update

Day 79 -  Gloucestershire. 4.3 miles walked. 316.2 miles completed

The walk passed through the centre of Cirencester (looks nice on street view) and then out along the White Way finishing to the east of North Cerney.

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