By Yorkshirebred

Recce walk

Joined Corinthian and R on a bus pass recce walk starting at Eldwick and taking in farmland, woodland and canal.  Lambs, ducklings and calves around today, and a sparrow hawk hovering just where a little rabbit was cowering in a gateway - sadly in a place not accessible to us or I would have tried to hide the rabbit!! Lovely walk and the highlight for me was the beautiful blue barge heading into 5 Rise Locks.  I shouted to the owner that it was a beautiful boat. In true Yorkshire fashion I got the reply “It’s alreet”!  Hubby used to tell me that if a Yorkshireman tells you something is “alreet”  it is a big compliment!  Sorry - had to do a collage as couldn’t choose, and extras too!  

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