Day in the Potting Shed

Day in the Potting Shed, or not as the case maybe. 
Going back about 5 years when we had a vegetable patch and I had a greenhouse, part of said greenhouse was my 'potting shed'. Everything to hand and 'sort of' organised. 
Fast forward to now with the current year  garden plant makeover project, this picture shows the current potting shed, good ventilation and plenty of light. I must admit it did leak when it started to drizzle just before lunch :)
Now, over the years we have managed to accumulate a number of decorative plant pots mainly from a) My Mother and b) Plants that did not survive in the house. Being decorative pots they did not have holes in the bottom. We did try to use them in the garden by keeping a plant in its pot and then putting that in the decorative pot. The problem was they got water logged very easily.
These pots have been outside for the last few years and survived the cold weather so I decided this year to drill holes in the bottom. 
'Easier said than done'. I used water to keep the bits cool but I still managed to blunt two masonry drills. 
HayHo, given the number of pots I can now use the cost of the drills is far less than the cost of the pots.
Footnote - I am enjoying the wideangle lens on my new iPhone.

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