Baxter's Brook

I ought to say straight off that I have named this pretty bit of stream running down through St Ives just in case there is any dispute! It flows from Baxter's Pond so I think that makes it a fitting name. The Pond was opened up and released from the rhododendrons by Mr Baxter, one of the estate workers, some years ago and makes a fine addition to the enjoyment of the parkland. Our daughters enjoyed pooh sticks here when they were small because it runs under the path a little further down.

I had planned to do several jobs today but I had to don my Neighbourhood Watch hat as several cars on our very quiet, lovely street were 'keyed' by some mindless dolt during the night. That took up much of what was left of the morning and since then I've taken a walk to the garden centre with Tony to find a tray for the plug plants for the hanging baskets. We've decided to keep them in the house a while longer as the weather forecast is iffy. I took a detour through the estate on the way back to blip hunt and this is the outcome. Think I'll read another chapter now then do some baking! Happy Weekend!

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