Stoodley Pike

Today was one of those days when it's grand to be out and about. We orienteered at Stoodley Pike, up on the moor between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden. It was the Yorkshire Championships but, as I was unlikely to figure in the race for Champion of my class, I took my small camera with me!

The moor is very tussocky and marshy in places so it was hard work for those short legged orienteers amongst us. I also struggled to work out the difference between gullies and marshes which appeared to be in gullies, on the approach to the finish (across the hillside above on my blip) so wasted some moments going from one to another. However it was a lovely day with extensive views and quite balmy, and we stopped off at the Organic Cafe in Hebden on the way home for coffee and cake.

My blip shows the monument at Stoodley Pike. All courses came round the monument and across the fell side (but not necessarily to the same controls) and you can possibly see some orienteers heading down the moor to the path to the finish, as well as these runners racing each other to arrive first.

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