Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101


Wednesday 28th April 2021                  (backblip)

The weather has finally realised it is April ...... we have actually had sunshine & showers for the last couple of days! It is feeling cold too with that lazy NE wind! :-(

Today's blip is the other young Blackbird that is visiting the garden ..... probably the sibling of yesterday's blip.

This one however seems to be missing a detail ...... in fact it has lost its tail as you can see from this blip! Not sure if it has maybe had a 'run in' with a cat or it has not developed properly yet .... either way it doesn't seem to stop it from feeding or flying which is good :-)

This is the best image I could get showing the missing detail .... hope you like it :-)

No walk today as I had to wait in for a phone call from the dentist ..... got to have a second lot of penicillin as the gum infection hasn't cleared up properly ..... bummer :-(

Stay safe everyone :-)

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