Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Hairy hoss

Set off early this morning and had a lovely walk.  On it I met this sweet - and very hairy - horse with friend, dozing in the corner of a field.  I couldn't resist them.

We've had a lot of sun, though it's cold and there are heavy clouds coming over now.  Despite the rain two nights ago, where I went today the ground was still very dry and cracked.  More rain certainly wouldn't go amiss, though it's a shame it has to be on a bank holiday (long) weekend.

Later in the morning the guys came to replace some of our windows.  I'm pleased to say that's all done and they did a great job, though the house stinks of - er, well, mastic I suppose?

And after they left I took Hazel for a short walk.

So that's me, blipbuddies.  Have a good evening  xx

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