By Lsquare

A Little Birdie Told Me....

....that he would like to wish a very Happy Birthday with many blessings to two special people in my life!  The first is my mom who had me at the tender age of 21.  I could tell you her age, but I will tell you that I will be 67 this year and let you do the math.  She loves Cardinals and the color red, so they always make me think of her and since the weather and my schedule did not cooperate to allow me to go looking for a flower, this is my blip for the day.  Now, I did mention that two special people in my life had a birthday today.  In 1990, I presented my mom with a very special birthday gift, a grandson!  He completed our family, because I had my daughter in 1986.  if you saw my blip from yesterday, Caleb is the one doing the goofy Kilroy imitation over my daughter's head in the group selfie.  He loves chocolate, but that didn't get into the picture.  So, there you have my story behind this particular blip and I'm sticking to it!

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