Pleased to have been successful

The day started rather less than auspiciously. I went out with my camera and ran to the Seventy Staircase to Southend. As I neared the bottom of the steps, I could hear the Canadian geese honking. So I slowed my approach and was able to get somewhat close, and they accommodated to, and tolerated me moving around. 

Jogged along the edge of the rocks and then decided to go back to try for a sunrise from Heron Lane (the official name, not one of my made up ones). Partly because frantic honking alerted me to a change. 

As I got closer to them again I noticed a runner with a dog coming from Snells Beach. Suddenly some of the geese took flight, followed by almost all the rest. I was close enough to get some reasonable photos; especially, I was pleased with the one of the first ones landing in the water, out from the bare sand and mud they had been standing on. That is my extra for today.

Instead of being satisfied with that I decided to walk out into the incoming tide, beside the rocky reef covered with old oyster shells. My hubris was duly punished the mud slipped beneath my foot and I failed to regain my balance. I was able to land not too heavily and apart from scratches to my hands and my dignity, there was no major damage. Most importantly I managed to protect the camera from any damage.

Cursed and returned to the shore to head back home. Tried a couple of photos (heron and Kotare) to convince myself that no damage had accrued to the camera.

After breakfast we packed up and headed back to the city, and out west to Titirangi where the A-Frame house we had both found appealing was being sold by auction at 12:30. We had decided our maximum, and watched an waited while a couple of other bidders raised the price. When the auctioneer announced that the reserve had been met and the property would be sold, we began to make bids, and were eventually the successful bidders.

Somewhat more than we had hoped to have to pay, but right in the middle of the bank's estimate of its likely price. Significantly below what we had sold the apartment for. 

Next stage is to make the changes that will make it a really neat place to stay in the Titirangi woodlands.

My blip is of the road frontage of the house. Rather like the beach house, the living and more attractive aspect is the "back" of the house. This is the view we first saw a couple of weeks ago, and which appealed so much we now own it

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