By Barking

Sunrise over Lorne Pier

We hit the hay at 8:30 last night. Up just after six to go sunrise hunting.

We were rewarded for our early start with a stunner. The red sun, affected by the burning off, rose above the pier. Just stunning. Lots of people were already ensconced at the end of the pier, fishing lines dangling in the ocean. (Many were still there when we went for another look after dinner. They didn’t look like they were going anywhere any time soon.)

Breakfast at a nice café and a walk up at Erskine Falls. Qdos Art Gallery for another walk and a slice of cake to share. Then yet another walk to see Sheoak Falls.

Then we walked on the beach, had another quick snack and another beach walk.

A light dinner and a glass of wine by the ocean and then back to our little holiday house.

It’s been a lovely day. Lots of fresh air and exercise. Ready for another early night I think. I can’t stop yawning!


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