By evolybab


I turned the page of the calendar this morning and this picture made me smile, I thought it would make a good subject for today's silly Saturday challenge....Welcome to spring  and better days ahead.
I haven't done a lot today, searching online and sent a couple of emails off to agents. ...Weirdly, I had a very friendly WhatsApp  message from the vendor  whom I haven't heard from for a while. Rather embarrassing as they seem unaware I have withdrawn from the purchase of their property, and don't seem to have been notified by their agents...I  advised them four days ago!!
Cloudy today but not cold, and now it's  raining.  I'm not going anywhere on what is a bank holiday weekend.  TV is awful, unless you enjoy game shows or talent competitions, apart from the last episode of 'Keeping Faith' at 9pm...l just love her character.....curry and a G &T and that's me sorted :)

Thanks so much for the comments and stars, all are appreciated x

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