A Day In The Life

By Irish59

Where’s My Suet?

First off, my apologies for the yucky suet feeder. It tends to be messy anyway but it’s still soaking wet from yesterday’s rain • I’ve attempted this shot before, unsuccessfully, but it worked perfectly for today’s Silly Saturday, in memory of Admirer, whom I did not know, but what a legacy she has left behind. Thank you to Laurie54 for hosting • This is a hungry and eager downy woodpecker looking straight through an empty hole, and clearly understands something is missing!! • Late yesterday I noticed my upper arm, the site of my covid jab, was itchy, and after a short while became pretty intense. I developed a red raised rash 2-3” around the site. Apparently it’s known as “Covid Arm” and can occur up to 9 days after the first Moderna shot. I was 8 days out. If itchy, CDC recommends benedryl and if painful, tylenol. I’m supposed to mention it when I receive shot #2 later this month. I wanted to share in case any of you have had this experience or, possibly, inform those who haven’t received their jabs yet. It happens .68% of the time which is quite low • Smile! It’s Silly Saturday :)

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