By hazelh

Alpine grit in the block garden

Although I didn't walk very far yesterday, the route up and down Eildon North is quite steep and did my knees no favours. I was in a lot of pain by bedtime, and paracetamol did not give sufficient comfort to allow me to fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time after climbing into bed. Around 10:30pm I self-evicted to the sofa bed and Radio 4/World Service. At least I had something to listen to while I waited for sleep to come, and Mr hazelh was spared my wriggling.

As well as general doziness due to sleep deprivation, today I have also suffered quite badly from hayfever. This means that I have been feeling a bit out of sorts. That said, I managed to book our train tickets for our trip to West Sussex at the end of the month, catch up on the journals of my blipfriends, plant out the offerings from my mother's garden that my not-so-little sister gave me yesterday, and place Alpine grit around the plants in our block garden (blipped - and yes, we are still waiting for the grass seed to sprout). I'm still not sure how much watering is required for the Alpines - perhaps Knottman2 can tell me?

I'm looking forward to a quiet evening, early bedtime, sleep, and feeling better tomorrow.

Exercise today: nothing other than garden pottering.

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